Born to be Worm

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Posted On : 02 Dec 2016
Post By : GreenSnow Games
Owner : Arthur Mirzoyan
Country : Russia

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Born to be Worm

Category : Games
Type : iOS-iPhone And iPad
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Store Id : 977643370
Released Date : 02 Jul 2016
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Born to be Worm Game Review

Born to be Worm is the game by ARTHUR MIRZOYAN of GreenSnow Games. He has already created few Tank games but this game is very different from other games.

Born To Be Worm is very fast paced entertaining game. Born to be Worm has very unique game play, awesome graphics and stunning sounds. Very creative work from all team members. All game characters are very unique and attractive. It is very difficult to leave game without playing it once. All sounds of game are also matched perfectly with game graphics & concept and takes game at another level.

Game is linked with story of saving world from Aliens. There are many type of dangerous enemies like Aliens, Potato, Dangerous Apple, Dangerous Pear, Dangerous Robot, Monster and many more. Player get one very attractive game character to defend from all enemies. All enemies moves one by one or in groups from top to bottom in random positions. Player have to swipe from bottom to direction of enemy to his and destroy. Some characters are killed in one shot and some may take few shots. Speed of moving characters also varies. So it is better to kill them before they reaches defending line.