Born to be Worm

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Posted On : 02 Dec 2016
Post By : GreenSnow Games
Owner : Arthur Mirzoyan
Country : Russia

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Born to be Worm

Category : Games
Type : iOS-iPhone And iPad
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Store Id : 977643370
Released Date : 02 Jul 2016
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You have to believe: excellent game can be Free!
Characters created with powerful imagination of our game designers will fascinate you from the start. You have never seen creatures like these.
Your character will never stay the same throughout the game. He is going to evolve (sometimes into very surprising forms). And this fact is going to exhilarate you so much.
Unusual control mode, unexpected transformations, bizarre and funny worlds. How'd it all got started? Zombies... Alien Invaders...Potato, a bit of apples, pear... Robot-droid.. Save the world. YES! Let's save the Earth!
Can you imagine a world which is threatened by alien invaders. They are terrible but cowardly. Because of these traits they do not have their army, but they know how to turn local inhabitants into the mutant warriors. They create mutants even of ... vegetables! They call them VegaMon-s. It is easy to guess, it means Vegetable Monsters. Nevertheless, ... planet Earth was able to repel the aggressors. And Earth’s shield will be the brave team: not very ordinary worm Eli and his faithful robot friend iGor .. Let’s fight back cosmic tyrant, Dr. Broccoli.

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Dec 02, 2016


Cool game, Enjoying it!

Dec 04, 2016



Dec 05, 2016


Super game for time killer. I like it!

Dec 05, 2016


Super game for timekiller! I like it!

Dec 05, 2016


The best game ever